Dr. Tejas Patwa

Director - Executive Committee

An electrical Engineer from M.S University Mr. Patwa has an excellent academic career right from the beginning of his school days. To further enhance his knowledge he became a certified Software Programmer via IBM.

After moving to Orlando, Florida in 2001, he continued to follow his passion in technology and science by earning AutoCAD certification from Mid Florida Tech. This enabled him to explore the control engineering field at Clyde Bergmann in Atlanta, GA. Throughout his career; he has worked on a vast array of projects ranging from the US government projects, power plants, airport baggage handling, food conveyors, etc. He started an engineering consulting company in 2012 where he worked with automotive companies like Tesla, Volkswagen, and Ford. In addition to that, he has developed two custom products (Packing Process and Sand Drying Process) for a concrete manufacturer. While these products are already being used in more than 30 plants today, he is leading technical implantation for approx. 200 plants around the US. In addition to his existing control business, I have successfully run Dairy Queen Business.

At a very young age, he decided to embark on a spiritual journey. He is one of the founding members for Gokuldham – Pushtimargiya Haveli in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008. He took on the role of an executive secretary at Gokuldham to cultivate and nurture the community. Despite commitments in his professional career, he was able to expand Gokudham to be the largest community of Vaishnavs in southeast region in just 5 years. He was fortunate enough to oversee land purchase, design, construction, and smooth operations of the facility. He has also established youth programs to build the next generation of leaders within the community.

On November 23, 2022, he has received Honorary Doctorate Degree in Management from University Azteca.

He is deeply integrated with other community programs :

  • Executive Secretary/CEO- Gokuldham
  • Executive Board for Federation of Indian American Association
  • Director – VIPO USA
  • Founder of Nand Gam Haveli – Austin, TX
  • Director – Vanik Association of Georgia
  • Founder of Gujarati Jeevan Saathi Program.