Jessica Chaudhary

Director- Executive Committee

Jessica Chaudhary Born in Rome, Italy, and raised in Georgia, Jessica Chaudhry is our youngest Director. She is an ambassador of the next generation, bringing new ideas, new energy, and a completely new narrative of future successful entrepreneurs.

Jessica is a very active community member, working silently to help the community. She has many ideas for youngsters to success as entrepreneurs. She herself is an entrepreneur, owning a record label, as well as company called New Time Records that specializes in Punjabi Music and culture.

She love to interact and take part in cultural events and spread love and Indian cultural values to her friends and associates. She is passionate about the advancement of the new generation and helping them reach new heights in business. She is working closely with her family members in a project related to cultural expansion and helping the society. Just 18- years-old and a high school senior, Jessica has first hand experience of Indian and American traditions and cultures. She has lived in India as well, helping out an underprivileged schools, cooking at homeless shelters, and tutoring kids in need.

Her family has traveled to places all around the world which has helped her get a sense of the real world different parts of the world are. She enjoys learning new things and helping teach others new things.