Kintu Shah

Director- Executive Committee

Mr. Kintu Shah, an Indian-born American entrepreneur and businessman, embarked on his journey in the tech realm at the age of 17, fueled by an innate curiosity for computers. His self-taught programming prowess led to the development of his inaugural pro bono software—a database system for the Vadodara Society for Prevention of Cruelty against Animals (VSPCA), a venture undertaken alongside a friend.

Educated at M. S. University of Baroda, Mr. Shah acquired two undergraduate degrees—one in Statistics and another in Physics—augmented by a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. Further fortifying his skill set, he obtained a Master’s in Computer Applications from D. D. I. T Nadiad, affiliated with Gujarat University.

Entering the professional arena, Mr. Shah’s trajectory saw him integral to the growth of a fledgling startup, nurturing it into a successful multinational entity. His tenure persisted through acquisitions, culminating in the amalgamation with Eclipsys Corporation and subsequently Allscripts.

With over two decades of expertise in healthcare and cloud technologies, project and product management, Mr. Shah epitomizes innovation in his role as President and Chief Executive Officer at HealthSoft, concurrently serving as Director for Information Technology at NEED Physicians. Past endeavors include a leadership role as Vice President of Operations at Edris Health.

A firm believer in giving back, Mr. Shah’s altruism transcends his professional sphere. He co-founded Gokuldham, a Pushtimargiya haveli in Atlanta, Georgia, and served as a board member until 2017. Continuing his stewardship, he assumes the mantle of co-treasurer and technology advisor since 2009, actively contributing to the community’s welfare. Noteworthy contributions include overseeing a $3.2 million building construction project at Gokuldham.

In his commitment to community service, Mr. Shah held the position of Secretary at Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta in 2012, further extending his impact. Currently, he serves as Chief Financial Officer at Gokuldham Prasadam, commencing his tenure in 2021.