Nandkishor Shah


A management graduate with a major in marketing and advertising, Mr. Nandkishor has won over 100 medals and 300 certificates as winner in different debate, essay, and Drama competitions. He was awarded “Best Debater” by his state university, Junior chamber, Rotary Club, Lionsclub, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, was also awarded “Best Child Actor” by the state of Gujarat in the year 1986. He has been the youngest speaker for the youth forum program on All India Radio.

Professionally, Nandkishor has successfully launched three different brands of advertising and education across two continents, and has won many accolades for marketing and advertising. In the years 1997 through 1999, students from management institutes were researching his company’s marketing strategies to better gain understanding of good marketing , advertising and brand creation strategies.

Nandkishor has personally taken more than 5,000 interviews and has recruited 3,000 plus employees- having personally trained nearly 600 in his business career of over 3 decades

Nandkishor , a soft-spoken individual, is very passionate about giving back to his community. He fulfills his role as a founder board member zealously, making The Chamber immensely proud to call him one of our own. We greatly appreciate the vast experience he brings with him; especially that of marketing and human resource management. His skills in accounts and legal understanding has greatly helped The Chamber in its initial and foundational stages .

Please join us in welcoming Nandkishor Shah to our Chamber!!