Sagar Desai

Director- Executive Committee

Born and raised in Vadodara, India, Mr. Sagar Desai embarked on a transformative journey that led him to the United States in 2005. His passion for accounting and taxes ignited when he was a young adult, and he has since dedicated his career to these fields.

Mr. Desai holds a master’s degree in Commerce from the esteemed MS University of Baroda. Upon arriving in the US, he pursued an MBA in accounting, further honing his financial expertise. In 2010, he founded Global Tax with an aim to be the trusted financial partner for businesses, guiding them toward sustainable success through sound financial practices and personalized service.

As the founder and owner, under his leadership, a small firm blossomed into a one-stop shop for accounting, tax services, real estate, and financial consulting. Mr. Desai’s unwavering integrity, precision, and client-centric approach have been instrumental in the firm’s growth.

Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Desai actively contributes to his community. He has provided pro bono accounting services and guidance to many nonprofits, including Gokuldham Haveli. His commitment extends to volunteering work, where he readily lends a helping hand.

Notably, Sagar Desai is not only a financial expert but also an accomplished tennis player. He has participated in USTA, ALTA, and T2 leagues, showcasing his skills on the court.

As a devoted family man, Mr. Desai shares his life with his wife, parents, two wonderful kids, and a niece.