Shawn Still

As the President of Olympic Pool Plastering & Shotcrete, Shawn Still owns one of the largest pool contractors in the Southeast, generating over $20 million in revenue per year and employing more than one hundred Georgians.

Mr. Still received his bachelor’s degree from The University of Alabama where he swam and played rugby. He has lived in Johns Creek since before its inception and is the father of three children.

Shawn served as Chair of the Small Business Advisory Council for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce from 2015-2018. He served as President and Founder of the Georgia Coalition for Job Creation from 2015-2018, a non-partisan, pro-business organization created to support legislators with the same ideals. He is past president of the swimming pool trade association and is the youngest member inducted as a Fellow in that organization.

  • He is the Board member of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce since 2008
  • Board member and Chairman’s Circle of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce
  • Vice Chair, political affairs council for the Gwinnett Chamber, 2018-2022
  • Past president and director of government affairs for the Pool & Hot Tub Assoc. of Georgia